Our Values

H – I – V – E:

Our Core Values: 

The Knowledge Hive is a living, organic concept which will continue to grow and evolve. However the four core principles of the HIVE -

honestyintegrityvitality and excellence

will remain constant and underpin all activities.


Honesty is the first rule of business, and the bedrock of any successful partnership. If you can’t trust the messenger, you won’t trust the message. Our message is honest and simple. We help clients find solutions – whether it’s securing funding, performance management or creating consortia and project managing pilot schemes. We ensure everyone is clear how we fit into the equation.


We are committed to integrity in all we do, always. We promise to be open, transparent and ethical in our relationship, respecting your values. We embrace diversity and equal opportunity and are committed to supporting the wider community, with particular focus on the most vulnerable.


Vitality is irresistible. Passion and positive energy enable change to be embraced without fear. We cannot make a difference if we are seen to be indifferent. We cannot expect to motivate and inspire if we do not live by the values we express. We aim through our vitality to unleash the energy of our partners, clients and beneficiaries to achieve new levels of personal and professional excellence. We have the enthusiasm and energy of a start up company, with the experience, confidence and commitment of an established business.


Excellence is measurable. It is a relative, self imposed standard which can be defined in corporate and individual terms. Excellence is that goal against which we can measure our progress and we aspire to achieve. Through continuing professional development the standard against which we measure ourselves will continue to rise. Developing our clients and ourselves in the constant pursuit of excellence is the basis of the strong, long term relationship we seek to establish.